The air availability is shown for the selected criteria in a fast and presentable manor including eventual airline agreement fares. The traveller is now able to select the right fare without any unnecessary time consumption.


The availability and selection process is extremely flexible and gives the traveller the full control to either tailor-make their travel or select a predefined from the given criteria.

Filtering & Sorting

The availability can be sorted and filtered quickly on all returned data.


This enables the traveller or travel arranger to find the right fares in no time.

Branded Fares

For the traveller to get a better overview of the fare rules and possibillities - Airline branded fares is implemented.


This enables the traveller or travel arranger to compare the fares and select the right one in no time.

Basket & Ancillaries

Optional services as extra bag and specific seats can easily be added and selected for the chosen flights.


The traveller or travel arranger has the possibility to select optional Services and/or to select a seat.

Other Functionality

There is a wide range of additional air functionality & Features:

  • Advanced Policy Control
  • Airline Agreement Handling
  • Rich Airline Content and Branding
  • Check-in Integration
  • Multiple Passenger Types
  • Ticketing
  • EMD Issuance (Amadeus)
  • Savings/Missed Saving Information
  • Airline Program Integration (e.g. SAS TP)
  • And Much More